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Thats a really old thing dude... it was made so people stop boosting bones 

Regarding the timer the game wint end until  someome scores, it gets really intense right there

I really miss ya buddy, true

Why dont we make a post with a description.... that way peopl3 at least could understand better why we want it back instead of going to the comments

Last man standing has over 100 votes now..

Pubg is really popular :p

"hell mode map" not hell mode

1-"accidentally leaving the tribe they created" man... thats something weird to say

2- no comment

soo, just the hell mode map but no shadows and fireballs falling from the sky ._.)

Just to bring something new to the table, what if each hit scythe make's  the other fighter closer with each hit? 

It would make the fighting style a little diferent just cause in order to hit 2 times with the shield combo, you need to walk away and not closer like the other weapons.

i cut most of it, and yes, people could see it until they restarted

you dont really need names, but meh, as long as you dont name them something mean towards your members