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funny enough thats the most alive map, cheap but looks more alive than a simple square in the ground. Want arena to feel like a colosium, we could craft stories like " i had to enter here, to protect my family, my country and my fries, specially donals for only 399, but can you dis?" Kind of stories

I dont see that much space there, just like training room

Just 2 frames of 3 or 4 ppl of diferent colors with same sprites and we all are cheering on espect mode

When your friends are good at arena but people says you are just in for da coins

Rez if you even read this, growing effect is useless  along with the other updates you made before leaving 2 months aka directioal kick, most of the time the crown does not even show up when you are the king  i am alm out for the crown to be a helment to purchase for 20k or 30k or even 100k 

Exactly . . .


Wait how is it that we have timer mines but coconuts granades?

I do it sometimes but if you are lucky you ca  trigger the stun glitch if it happends closer to a wall

Either that, our we all moved to the same country for a local tournament...

Your old post and this one, are not bugs