Take out Mystery Boxes

Etheric Form 6 years ago updated by A R C A N I N E 6 years ago 5

Why would a new player create an account if they can just get free stuff from the yeti? Terrible financial decision on Rezoner's part. Instead, we should try to encourage the player to create an account, not discourage them from creating an account. 

Mystery box= Free stuff= encourages players to instead kill yeti instead of creating an account.

Poor brats...Rez gotta put sling in game as default ranged weapon as we have axe as mellee default so little kids can choose if ghey are that lazy...


First of all: mystery boxes were removed from chests in the sandworm pit, so it was a fairly good idea to put it as a reward for killing yetis rather than scrapping it. The ogre gives money and the yeti can give you a mystery box.

Second of all: it isn't very common to get a mystery box. When you kill a yeti, the thing you're typically gonna get is a soccer ball.

Third of all: the mystery box encourages players to make an account. It's like a sneak peak into one of the weapons. When the player dies and loses the hammer or whatever they got, they're gonna think "Dang, I wish I had that weapon again", and want to make an account so he/she can own it. Remember how I mentioned the yeti drops a soccer ball? Yeah, well some of us know that if you kick it around enough, it'll disappear. That's the game's way of saying "you like playing with that soccer ball? You should play the soccer mode!" This is your sneak peak. It's practically like an advertisement in of itself (but it's not obnoxious). This is the same with the boxes. I think this was a GENIUS decision by Rezoner. "You like playing with the hammer and bow? Make an account so you can own them yourself!"

I really miss ya buddy, true

I agree with bilbooo. Mystery boxes are rare, and show players without accounts what they are missing. 

I remember playing without an account in the good ol' days when mystery boxes were much more common and dropped from the chest. It never made me not want to get an account; on the contrary it got me hooked on sword, and so sword was the first weapon I bought when I did log in.

I hate mystery boxes. Like, one time I had 100+ bones and I got a terrible one, and then I used it, and was doing ok, then I got another one which gave me my regular equipment back.