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Tecnically we have white beards on webgl soo i will call this "half done" then try yo use chrismas hat and angel wings and you will see it

enough with  ninja goblings jumping in your back when you are fighting someone with low health

Shields are for Looks. dont add any stat effect, like the rest of the clothing

soo Basically just ad more weapons

Frozen bomb can work

to use the link you dont need an account, just give it to someone with no account, after they create it with the link, it should work, if not, then thats the problem

Good times, i alse want to know what happend, can you please let us know?

How will they look with cape, the hats? Claws? Seems like all you could look normal and not like a crazy man with no clothes... basically a dead man, well if you make a forest map, i am all up in that boat

They already have that option