broken timer - arena/browars/football

kanguror 3 years ago updated by A R C A N I N E 3 years ago 6
if booth teams have the same score timer goes below 0:00
it basicly starts coulting negative numbers
sheepie told me this is intended but i think there should be a better solution to this like a draw when nobody wins - nobody gets/loses score

i do agree with you that nobady should get score if it goes below 0 and both teams are tied because once in arena i was fighting on the bridge map and my opponet ran for 30 minutes lol

Thats a really old thing dude... it was made so people stop boosting bones 

Regarding the timer the game wint end until  someome scores, it gets really intense right there

So it isnt a bug?

Your old post and this one, are not bugs

Ahem...It's called 'overtime'. The game goes on till someone gets a goal to take the win.