Apocalypse mode

Erb 6 years ago updated by Brai 6 years ago 8

Basically be the laast one standing while fighting off runners and other players while fireballs  fall from the sky.

Maybe lava islands, too.


soo, just the hell mode map but no shadows and fireballs falling from the sky ._.)


I think it is an kind of last player standing so not same as hell mode.


"hell mode map" not hell mode

I liked that idea.
but the last game mode to be launched also ...
Until today I could not play any match of him

Mooster see, Mooster do, Mooster see, Mooster approve. Maybe shadows indicating when fireballs fall? IDK.

Sort of like circular shapes that get bigger over a gradual amount of time before the fireball hits.

Or It gradually gets brighter.

Might also relate to Rezoner's post about what's next