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Look we could just say "add more helments shields and capes" with some ideas i prefer moves ot weapons first than stetics cause 1 single new weapon will keep the game on fire for much more time.

I think hunters will like them better

The idea is roll goes down the jump kick

Soo you like option n°2 hehe cool 

I am unbs on the options cause i like them enogh to think about maybe it depends on what weapon you have

It was a good time having you close man, good times, i jope your next bad thing is something cool and not Nyquil based, take care

Too lazy to look for the answer? Mk character, fan fav bruce lee clone, high pitch Kombat screams "WHAAAAHH!" rez said here

idk what he mean with special but maybe stamina drain and special effect if done with dash can make it more special

Thatd weak, you should ask for a 1v1 with him using wizardy full power no kick or ban tho

God old egz, he can create a lot of chaodñs but its just to entertain people in the server, things get a lot crazy and fun with 20 ogres 40 yetis and 300 goblins, ppl teamwork for a time  until all monsters are dead, but is not as hardcore as rezoner, he can change your weapon, clothes, gender ot race, givr tons of granades and potions of cloning and he can  do that in game too :p

Fort mode needs a fix, right now if people dont get the " lets attack the fort" and there is someone to defend it, and even then ppl will just change teams if they lose if the bugs to enter wouldnt possible, people would taka fort as a serious advantage thus making fort the main in mind while playing, well after 2018 ends and egz can finally update fort (yeah, egz) the bots idea can be more like having staying bows that attacks nearby people 1 axe running around and 1 sword, after getting killed, they will respawn on a corner of the map, but this time 2 bows 2 hammer 1 sword and an axe, walking towards the fort, attacking anybody ( brown grey or black) closer but not going for.them if they get too far, that would be cool