Tribe Member Lists/ Empty Tribes

Etheric Form 6 years ago updated by Brai 6 years ago 1

Tribe Member List

If you are a leader of a tribe, you cannot view other clans to see who are in said clan. The only way to view the members is if you left your tribe and joined the tribe you want to see. I think that this should be fixed with a tribe member list because if you leave your tribe when you are the leader, you lose control of your tribe until Rezoner makes you leader again. This would prevent players from accidentally leaving the tribe they created. 

Empty Tribes

If a tribe loses all it's members, it's only fair that that tribe gets deleted. One reason is because it takes up space. In the real world, if a tribe loses all it's members, that tribe no longer exists and this should be the same as in Wilds.io. It can even be depressing when you see tribes that don't have members to fill the space. As long as one player is still in that tribe, that tribe still exists.

1-"accidentally leaving the tribe they created" man... thats something weird to say

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