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Yeah but just add  to the elf ears

Also coming up next thanks to how the image above looks like

Credits : rezak&praetorian fight scene

Rezoner's walls

Egzekutor's grass

then black team should be able to make it neutral

Well that sounds better than reading people fighting or just 8 to 2 yrs old posts getting bumped, i still think i need to ad grass...

 I will try it today

sounds complicated, also just like 3 ppl watching per fight is too much for too little

Tried but you know what happend when you cant draw irl and try it on pc? Well not a clue even tho i can edit if i have the time soo my ideas and concepts are just skins, conceps of game modes that could fit or just like this, add something for.the game that looks like this

i will rather be on graveyard map with other 9 people while the space gets smaller until the last person dies and only one stays alive, grevayard mistake was one team gets bigger while the other gets smaller and with no posivility of win as a team, if you eliminate teams and the place gets smaller, idk if you add items far from the last place were the circle gets small enough for 2 people to fight but that mode would be 100 times better

If you find bones in an egg, you would scream.

If you find gold in an egg, you will think those are golden eggs from.the golgen gooze

The idea of getting a reward after 20 mins playing if you habe the most little chicks, seems good

We can add that to the ctf pile, the team with the most flags after 20 mins gets 50 bones but you cannot change color!