Bring Back 3v3s

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ehh. why not


i need at least 2 people to carry my noob arse up the arena leaderboards

Same problem. 

Luckily, there's a simple equation to find the likelihood (in percentage) of having two teammates who put up with you being useless and carry you without complaint. I've spent years of my life researching this delicate equation. 

7(t-2) times 3n-2

Afterwards, take your answer and multiply it by 0, because no two people are that nice.   

Looks like my sixth grade math... 

Without the 0 part of course

But define the variable!!!!!!!!!!!


its a good idea, but i would prefer you elavorate more into that

lets see... 

what about the same old 3v3 map and like 4 new ones to fight in, something like 

a bridge one 

a void in the middle and falls in the ends

single worm with no safe space.

+no items


Seriously, I was waiting for someone to mention this tho



items in arena are not very fun :/


Three archers would seriously ruin the experience.


yes.  maybe remove bow or have it so only 1 bow may be on a team.  But i somewhat picture it as 3 bows= all the players kick the arrow and the bows kill each other.  idk though.  im not the biggest fan of bow

Why you scared of bow so much?Now with fixed kick its doable to beat them.


it is un enjoyable to play against


Best post since my sevalution post. 3v3 with me matchmaking SPAG you can join me, mirrppp, legion, darkvenet, and ECOLIZED and kill the nasty boosters that occupy the top ranks. and we can fight mistodel egzekutor and rezak like the old times, or get rezak on our side. BRING BACK THE BIG_RUSSIAN_BOSS!!!


only 2 of the players you mentioned still play D:

Rezak does... I do.. Leg does .-.

Well ._.

Egg doesn't play anymore... *Sigh*

Too busy with wanderers and my graphic card died :c I can play only using my tablet, and wanderers works nice on it.


Egg, get a computer :D IT's really easy, right?

No, better idea

Move to America with Mom and I! =D

mericaaaa fuck yaaaaaaaa

mmm.... too bad i can't have all 3 players in one side as me and only me (kek).

I barely do anything anymore in this community. :thonk


Who's ecolized

When did 3v3 exist ;d

My godlike skills still exist i assume ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


God dang I forgot time and bumping existed here, don't mind me.




You should stop being a damn gold collector and do 3v3

I have enough gold to last a lifetime lol, and I have enough workers (11) to give me daily gold, even though I don't even play this game anymore. I can't stop collecting gold, my slaves workers are doing it. :l

Also I just realized that 3v3 actually did exist, it's just that I haven't played it that much (cough annoying claw users).

^^ annoying claw user

You met Darky in-game?

He's bowman... Right?

yes, i know dark,  he blocked me on discord B)

Don't forget...

A legend was born cuz of 3v3 :D

*Cough* Mom *Cough*

I've always wanted to play 3v3. But I think no items. They can unbalance the game, and make 1 team rather overpowered if they get a health potion.


items are great....Mom and I will wreck with 'em :)


no items pls lol

or the rope bomb. O.o that would be ban worthy

dont need that crap again


show me da wey





Eh... yeah I like the idea. More action, more friends to play with, more help to get points. I do, however, think that if this is gonna get added then bro wars should be removed, just for the sake of not having 3 arena "clones" taking up the menu.

why stop on 3? lets do a 5v5

Well we would run into the same problem Graveyard did. If we want new modes, we must remove some already existing modes.

well, i do feel like if 3v3s are added once more browars might not have as many players.  I think though there will be some times where people are playing browars and others where 3v3s are going.

prrtty sure football player are gonna go to 3v3 if it gets reimplemented 

football players seem to just play football :/

2v2 its to low on peps for them, pretty sure they would 3v3 if they could

arena used to be named ranked and was 3v3

Why dont we make a post with a description.... that way peopl3 at least could understand better why we want it back instead of going to the comments

3v3s, no items, regular arena map, no bows?

Why no bows?Ya' scared?Even with 1 archer per team,it's nothing.

archers are cancer

Archer haters who have bad time and bad way of dealing with them are more cancerous and that is none of my concerns since you can't change our fighting style so you have to adapt,ffs!This is worth for all of us regardless of weapon!That's just dumb


bruh i can destroy bow just fine but do i have a fun time chassing someones ass around the map? no

That's the case of runners,though archers can kill runners easier if you're good enough.The thing is that not all archers are runners and some archers are holding the stance facing you which shows the sign of their wits in battle with ranged weapon and bigger potential.It's good you are into it and understand aswell respect the bowmen since it'd end up nasty.


I am a bow user (or just an everything user). I am a close combat bow (or staff) user if I ever use one, but I know it's pretty autistic to fight me (lol). You just play like an annoying strategist, going close ranged quickly then far ranged almost never (except for situations). Kicking, rolling, bow hitting, and the additional shots just bring nuisance to the other player (sometimes). Running ranged players are worse, because whether or not they're skilled doesn't mean anything, it's annoying enough to chase them (like what Sheep the hammer nub said).

Also if you meant "holding the stance" as just standing there, then that's just a poor style to do; there's no bravery, just foolishness. (Also poor if you can't handle close combat with a ranged weapon).

This is the opinion of a bow player who played before and after the curved projectiles update and the pretty irritating kick "update" a long time ago. (Also beating rezak (tie-tie-ish) but that's not the point).

There's like 2 frames or something where there's a window of hitting a player after a roll/kick, so no matter how well it's done, 2, 3, or even 1 bow player(s) could easily hit that small window.

^ Well, there should be, last 100 times that I checked.

venet....your bow strat is outdated no one falls for your baiting anymore.

pretty much ya bow ruins the game and its boaring to fight. 

also i destroyed you with like every weapon mainly sword....

I am also kinda trash with hammer :/ why am i da hammer nub

also kick is fixed now


Nice job, I didn't even insult you and you just counter everything I'm saying. 

"Hammer nub" , as mean you excessively using the same "shield roll" (hammer-wise) without any other viable/effective choice to do. I plainly said a "bow player [...] a long time ago"; I never said it was up to date, just said that it was at past time. Strats can be altered as always, and I said it's "autistic to fight me", bringing your 2nd 'sentence' to be unnecessary. It's not my bow that's ruining the game, it's done nothing for a long time, and barely anybody complained (by how stupid it is) except by prejudiced players.

Btw, are you actually serious about forgetting how you failed to "destroy" me after multiple fights? You had difficulty later on with mostly my claws, unless you're going to go into the 'didn't try', 'that was long ago', etc etc. Besides, that was like what, 7~ months ago? Do you think that that's actually credible? Just like how you said that my 'bow strat is outdated", those fights are 'outdated' as well. At least have some decency to be modest, but nope, you're making me remember the 2017 in its entirety that I regret, and act like the guy I knew 7 months ago (and now). 

Hey, who am I talking to anyways? You barely exist in importance to me, I just came to this community again because of boredom and seeing how things are going, whether autistic or beneficial. I won't be surprised if I see myself getting blocked here, this place is literally hell to me; just wanted to test myself into the community at a certain point.

Scour my post, do whatever, but like lol.

im on the fourms the same reason you are, boardom brought me here.  Pretty sure i always used to roll alot but i did not only sheild roll:/  also all bows are cancer including yours even if its  inactive

And the only reason you got so many wins off me with claws was because the alt i was playing on only had hammer which is garbage vrs claws.  Once i fond a diffrent alt with more weapons i killed your claws then you switched to sword and we had more fair fights.  I do not know who won more fights in the end but i won like the last 3 fights so ya B)

Shiru Kurai ite... melee bowmen are so easy to beat. why would i respect them? no melee bowmen get high in the arena.  Why? because its a crappy strat.  if you want to be suicidle and give poeple free points im fine with that.  pretty much in the high ranks of the arena, no one stands skill and lets you kill them. In arena if you fight bow you fight a runner who is annoying to kill.  Even the venet baiting thing is basicly running and is annoying to fight.  I respect those bow men who use other weapons and are strong melee fighters.  No one though who gets a high arena rank gets all their points off of melee bow.  Now high ranking bow fighters simply just run and shield bash.  I do not think fighting this will be a fun experience for 3v3s. 


So in other words: 

If I use the honorable strategy, I'm an idiot. 

And if I use the intelligent strategy, I'm a coward. 

A real catch-22 you set up here


bows are just unfun to play against.  im fine with other runners now.  I found out that running is kinda usless because runners almost always miss many useful hits and are defenseless against a player who is better and hitting their special.

It's entirely up to others to choose way of playing and encountering,and it's up to player if he wants to adapt to deal better with range dps or not.We don't want a conflict and bloodstains here..Other ghan that;it's chill...

Its up to the player weather or not they would like to cause cancer in the game or not.  Bows are mainly annoying in browars because well. you have to chase them while being hit by someone else or the other way around.  I am just sick of bows.

Well,it's usual for ppl to have shitty altitude against bows when they struggle dealing with them or "getting irritated" in encounter,but I feel ya since im fighting against archers aswell and it's somewhat easier to counter them with bow though I won't admit that it's not piece of cake,especialy against skilled archers,basically ones equal of your same weapon skill but it varies.

It depends on what archer you are fighting.  In the arena the highly skilled archers almost always out bow you.  I can handle bows just fine i just dont have fun fighting them mainly in browars where you have to kill them with someone else on you.

Well in browars you can kill archer 1v1 easily,its not double team,its browars


you kill the archer while the other person is hitting you.

ouu belive me on the ,,bridge'' or ,,cliff" (whatever) map its sill can be very hard

*also roll dash and kick dash

that does not work vrs high rank archers

so many archers are n00bz. I can handle them. (even master of the weapons :D :D he ez)

He is easy to handle.Don't get to much a head of urself though and yu may regret it.Just as those seals did.They are just nothing but a memory and less.

I butchered them as Canadians do.

Shiru who are you in game?

I'm pretty much nobody..Almost like I don't exist.

if you are nobody why would you know how annoying it is to fight highly skilled archers in browars?

No no no,I'm considered nobody by a lot of ppl(both in reality and online) and I know cuz I've been in game and modes for long time.

what was the most amount of points you have earned in the arena?

Pfft I dunno..I was not so interested in arena since it took quite a while to enter for me at least.

so you have never experienced the cancer of skilled archers then

Yes I did,like that cheating hacker  scum Seal who is cancer himself.I wish I can beat his ass more frequently.That pussy is hiding away.

hes not one of the super cancer archers

How'd you know?!You've never seen that ****.He's cancer completly and annoying to fight.

i have fought him.

Oh rly?Where?When?

a few months ago when he played browars.

You seen him?What a noobish hacker coward/runner.Did ya' get cancer from him?

not as much as i get from other archers


 Shiru, with all due respect, if he was an actual hacker he wouldn't need to use weapons to win. 

"Noobish". Coming up with words on the fly. I like that. Pegias, right? 

I don't know how to break this to you, but cancer isn't infectious. 

Well cancer cannot be transmitted but caused instead.

i was fighting with more archers than you can imagine but at least now they cant controll the arrows

Horde of them are much easier to tackle now aswell.


Perhaps only allow certain items, e.g no health potions, or rope? I think everything else is fine

totally the gray potion for nooby bow spammers. xD

Or actually, a good idea: Stamina pots for Ice mage


Do you guys ever shut up?