Objects flying on the map

Dziewczynka 6 years ago updated by Cyrillus, Mrrppp, Corn Maker . 6 years ago 18

I saw weird glitch/bug/whatever. A few minutes ago there were random objects flying on the map, like the trapdoor. a hut. There was a mine that was clicking exactly like it does before explosion, but it didn't explode (was clicking endlessly). The trapdoor was moving like players, but much faster. Sometimes even following me. -> 

Image 2872

There were many of them, and some of the players were invisible. I didn't see any items from boxes too. What what that? :O 

Things didn't load on your web page correctly, just reload and it will be fixed.

I don't think so. It happened suddenly. As you can see, I was playing for a bit, with over 100 bones. Also - one or two players were running with me, following those doors, watching them flying around. More objects like that were showing in time.
How do I know they were following the doors? They were looking exactly in its way, stopping when it stopped - or just wandering around closely (I was doing that too, cause of curiosity).

Doesn't happen to me...

Your ping was 21...

Must be your pc, yeah

Me and 2 people around in a sec? :>

Hmph. When I get to one hundred bones, don't see it... MAybe the whole server lagged. Is this the only time this happened?

As I said: IT WAS SOMETHING ELSE. I couldn't attack, arrows didn't fire. Same for special. Items from boxes didn't drop. People were running around confused what's going on and two of them joined me following the trapdoor, cause it was moving around fast. It was something MORE than just visual shit on my PC - I wasn't even lagging. The server was just acting like some shit haunted it. It had nothing to do with my bones, I just said I was playing for some time (as my points show) and it happened suddenly. When it happened a few players left - at least I think that they did.

This happened to me multiple times. I've seen random shit like moving item spawners, infinite mine times, a hut by the ogre spawn, and even a frozen sandworm. I typically can't type in the chat, and players rapidly leave. I know this starts when the items and orbs turn invisible, and it always ends in a game crash, with a thick gray(ish) line going along the left side of the screen. I, oddly enough, am used to this, though I do give an annoyed groan when I know it'll come to ruin my day.

Happened to me only ONCE, and I'm playing this game since it came out. And yea - players left except two, they were following me, and the glitched models around, and talking about it.

This is a blast from the past. In the past, during the time of Marketplace, there used to be a bug where the guillotine would randomly appear on the screen. It was deadly and it killed players. Not sure why this is back.

This unfortunately happened to me too :/ do not know what to say about this
bug is so macabre ahh!

like this, right? Yeah it sudden idk why it happeds but it does after you see stuff in the ground that you cant pick like orbs and item, you can see that people becomes objects to your eyes, and some people wont load an object so they become invisible, but its just you, the rest is fine, a simple re load shoud work,

too many shrooms from wanderers ~_~       

Yes, it was pretty much the same ;V But it wasn't local, other people could see it too! At least two more of them. And my screen wasn't shaking.

i cut most of it, and yes, people could see it until they restarted

Here's some more proof. When I was experiencing this, I noticed that I could not comment, see items and orbs. I also saw this. It looks like the server decided to close because after I made this, the server was wiped-bare. 

Wow the new CTF map is looking NIIIIIICEEEEE

Yeah... I didn't take a screenshot, but I saw a flag start killing my buddy lol

Update: yesterday it happened again, and I was talking about it with one US player that saw that too. This time there was a tree following players very fast and killing them. Trapdoor was doing the same thing, but it was moving much slower than crazy tree.