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Aaah! Damn it i forgot about that!

i am not saying that irl is that way, but in game you wont notice it specially if you play with zoom out -.-

let me tell you then, putting the red thing on top sideways and take out the thing in the middle, dont you think its too similar to the other? i am not against it but if you are gonna give ideas it would be best not to be too similar to the stuff already on, the shield tho i wanted to make ones but egz didnt let me cause he told me rez was working on wanderers

pubg mode its all we need to test this well last man standing

i would like to have the crown too

ill make some more just so we can have more ideas and that helment its already on the game

the hair on the man looks fking scary xD but on the girls the pony tail one looks really good, custom hair/color should be a good thing in the game