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Rezoner1337 7 years ago updated by Zagłoba 6 years ago 127

Where should I put priority now?

but mainly 1. very very important.

I like the number 4-5-6.....


Spectable arena match will win...you will see

apparently not eh. wats that. a shrinking map.

4-5-3: Heads... New mode zombie and new mode smaller over time

i like all points but the infection mode looks very funny :D

I'd like Guild Chat, heads shop, the smaller-over-time mode (let's call it Surrounded maybe) and spectateable (however it's spelled, Not even I know) matches, I personally think those are really nice. 1-2-4-6


Rezoner you gonna buff the spear?


#spectator mode


Yeah!! Public pvp

2) King of the Hill or Last Man Standing if you're looking for a name.

Rezoner, I remember you liking the idea of purchasable cosmetic skins for the weapons, helmets, capes. Doesn't have to be anything fancy, just different color schemes. I like this because long standing players are currently out of spending options and the gold accumulates.

The main chat in lobby isn't even that popular (so guild chat is not important in my opinion and there is discord, I'd love a new game mode, and spectable arena matches.

2, 4, 6 are my main ones.

Thank god you can vote more than once. I wouldn't be able to choose between what seems like hunger games, or spectator arena matches. Both sick ideas.

oooh who is putting the new mode! that should wait a little dont you think? clearly not

I voted 1 and 2


I also would add "bonuses with the items" not only visual skins...


No pls I don't want this game to turn a pay2win.

that's not pay to win m8. its play to win.

noobs can buy too thats a bad idea

1,3,4,5,6 :D

1,2,3,5 and 6


Can you add something like a confirm window in the shop to confirm you want to buy this item? You know, for the people who sometimes buy something on accident (like me)? That would be awesome. Thx


Post it in ideas


That was how i first met my spear <3


I'd vote for changing weapons mid-game without having to leave the match.  Please?

Number 3, and 1. We need to spice up the game.

I like spectable arena matches (specially because you could watch how experienced players fight) and tribe chat. Now I'm using a new account, but in my old one, I was in a tribe, and I never was able to contact with any member. What's the point of joining a tribe then? New items can wait, and I'm not very into new game modes. People tend to get excited about them but after time very few players keep playing them, like CTF.

What I liked the most was the second and the sixth.

just a question. are you gonna only take the highest or the top 2 or 3?


plz add wolves after that

can we add that to soccer matchs? xD

Braian there were a discussion on this in my post at the bottom:



What about this?? (Zombie infestation mode)

1 and 3 sound nice

GUILD CHAT in-game or on the menu etc. 

While you're at it , Please add Messaging to those with Accounts for Private Messages or keeping in touch

DISCORD is not enough , not everyone uses discord

It's also making people nervous when they have to keep switching between wilds and discord to write something in tribe chat >.<

True man.Come on Rez,we don't wanna be so desperate that we comunicate with pidgeons.

honestly new mode should happen next. It does have the most votes but spectator matches happened first...rez pls add new mode

I really hope u can lower the price of capes to 7500 or 7000 :(

bruh rlly

Rezoner, the almighty, needs to eat, so does his cats, so does his cats, so does his cats, so does his cats, so does his cats, so does his cats.


I ask Rezoner about this... But he dont want to decrease their cost and he's right.


Lower the cost of angry brai sound pack (joke) >.<


second one is basicy hunger games ლ(◥▶෴◀◤ლ)


I have an idea for a new weapon, a six shooter with a pistol whip meele, a shooting charge attack, and a special attack spraying bullets for a short time bullets take 1 second to charge

Sorry, it's not vertix.io. It's wilds.io. Wild people never got pistols, so this doesn't fit to wilds.io.


oh but it does


old six shooter black powder revolvers


like a gunslinger type thing

"wilds.io" - gunslingers was in wild west times, not when peoples language was unga bunga.


shut up with your moronic "unga bunga" bullsh*t, its a game, if people want old timy guns like muskets, let them have that.

Oh, so you just want your fascism here that people who doesn't want something will get penalty? Maybe YOU are creator of this game?


I'm not a fascist, so don't call me one.


Kghh...All this totalitar regimen won't stop,for f*ck sake.Pull it together you two already.


Im sorry you have to deal with us


Well,I lead Seals and Ukryty is one of our veterans along with few more of them.I'm just here to prevent any racket that may turn into slugfest at this rate cuz of you and him though you're not seal member,he's one and I don't want any seal member get into trouble for dumb reason.


Seal became my bodyguard trololo.

And many players like me don't want muskets in this game - it's a glimpse into the future!


I'm not your bodyguard ,you're veteran so no need for extra protection and I'm totally fine with bow now but muskets were good idea though not particulary suitable for wilds.io.


well then can I join seals

If that's your call,I won't stop ya.

I just need your ingame name.


King Voldoran

Then it's settled.I'll officially welcome you to the Seals in game personally,tommorrow,in lobby chat.Got that?

can you give me a link to the join page

You'll enter tommorow,I'll give ya link tommorow and then you'l join,and don't forget to type in "Seals" in matchmaking,ok?

I have a great idea that will take long to do but be cool, make a new game mode called world the world map is huge with there being whole parts that may just be forests or a desert, you get a free hut in the world map when you enter for the first time, you can walk to other peoples huts, make a village with friends, or even rob enemys huts for gold and items, you can place your hut any place whee there is not an object already there, horses will apear commonly so you can travel faster. you spawn at your hut when you enter, and respawn at the nearest checkpoint. many forts are around the map for people to capture. i feel this would be a good mode because it would be so vast that it would feel more like the wild.

sincerely Guy Stricherz

its gonna take about year or two when wilds will turn into survival XD

You mean like pure survival with vitality and other features?Well that would be cool.

Ths whole Idea of yours would be awesome,to haved one huge free roam world with all mechanics as fort map,maybe even more features that would make whole gameplay a lot better. +1 .


thanks for the support!


If you make a post about it you don't need to comment your idea here ._.


I don't know if someone noticed too, but votes didn't count for Rezoner so we got gamemode with 44 votes when last man standing got 89 votes. -.-


but hey its up to him, hes the boss y'know...

So why there were votes if it was up to him?

that bump tho

Under review

Episode IV: Drama Queen Strikes Back

seems like rez doesnt like ukryty

i wonder why

He doesn't like me because I have more comments than him. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Episode III: Revenge of the Rezoner

Episode I: A Phantom Idiot

Episode VIII: The last asshole

Episode VI: The return of the SUCC 

Episode II: The attack of the fucking cunt.

I'd love an updated CTF.

New mode!!


Your reaction time is same as Internet Explorer's.

Last man standing has over 100 votes now..

Pubg is really popular :p

ya i still want to be bald

Haha, you should see Fortnite ._.


Items in shops are a great change, I like it very much.

Will there be a PvP trade?




For faks sake



You should make it so that we don't have to purchase heads, voices, and clothing, because most of the time people purchase 1 thing because they want to buy weapons more than clothes but if those were free than we would see way more variety in the way people look and sound.  

...This thread is dead. Almost everything in the list is added. Please refrain from commenting or bumping dead threads or topics.

The zombie PvE player vs AI monster etc idea is really the most exciting part. I think most people would want you to put most of your effort on it. Everything else no one cares about. I mean really how useful is a guild chat when guilds don't even have a purpose.


ehm, we had graveyards, which is exactly the gamemode you talk about

it failed


Yes... sadly :(


can i just bump this topic for no reason?

im quite concerned of this particular comment. was it intentional? does it carry a measure of sarcasm?

absolutley not