Your comments

you forgot the hat for the tribe owners!

what if you only can control the special?

did you intent to say "those items are good but to many items will be too much"?

dont we trow the weapon with the f? why do you want that? i can be better the X

1lower range its ok, i dont think it needs any counter besides dash, unlike the grap, this does not make any damage in my mind,

2 idk how the item sistem works so i did not think that could be a problem by putting 2 items of the same tipe one acts like a invisible wall (or box) and the other one works like the charge attack.

3 i will wait xD but i want a black wolf that attacks like the green guys xD that can be pretty funny.

this is a good idea, when you are disarmed then you can grab someone with the special! like ryu from SF or even better like ken

well, yes and now, if you die out of the range of the clone, the clone will try and get close to you, when you respawn that meens the clone will go to your new body if they did not make it to die or get killed