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wait what? well that was weird.. -.- also you think when i make people from other countries that bearly speak any of my lenguages can understand all that? also still dont know the edit button

well this happends with the friends here we say hello if they say hello back they get muted

can i just post the videos of the bugs? cause you can do it from all the places.

i like the idea of the clash sounds if they hit the weapon.. but that should kind of feel like the shield so you have to be carrefoul not to hit to at the same time because it can cause a little bit of stun but not that much like the shield so you can also stop the weapon to hit you if you also hit? mm idk  is that is a little unbalanced tho. regarding the hit the weapon.. maybe just the front? not the back? even so, i like the option of kicking the wepons that is like 80% surprice for both of the fighters.

this looks like a phone version... with a map half of the size... and half poeple and less actions.. with less things... so you can make a phone version of and done... but not the browser vertion rez... its more! we need armor not moomoo veiw ._.)

wolf are for friendship .3

and tolls? well we had the new one that looks kind of like a ciclops...  but a troll that can summon goblins by 5 its cool! :D

how many  poeple you think are gonna comment here? xD

if you mean like having 20 perfect kills with no damage kind of thing.. then yes, also if you can have some kind of reward for more things then even more great! :D

well i kick inactive players when i need to bring more poeple in the tribe.. idk why i have a gap that i cant get more tribe members until i have bones so... that´s why

well i was editing the video about all the bugs i catched...