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2v2 its to low on peps for them, pretty sure they would 3v3 if they could

Sort of like a "star" badge for "promoted members" along with the ability to have private links for the tribe van be cool, obviously we need a prize to do that, and a requirement. Idk what tho

unless you are at a bad time and day, you should be able to play normally, never had this problem on eu but in us its harder

prrtty sure football player are gonna go to 3v3 if it gets reimplemented 

why stop on 3? lets do a 5v5

 No, its a fast spin with a cool animation, nothing like the sword

well fallowing the Scythe in game it would be cool to have it be in wilds alright, basically you can do a 
damage: about axe or less
speed: hammer or little faster
special: sort of like a fast cut 360° that takes same amount that all specials do but with knock off effect
throw/charged attack: standart
cut crass?: cant, no grass in game (yet, if you know what i mean)

When you do a charge attack with any weapon you can shield/kick/roll/special and  it will cancel it, i just asked for it to be possible for spear, nothing too weird...

its not many fix ._. its just making the damn spear same as all other weapons.

like this, right? Yeah it sudden idk why it happeds but it does after you see stuff in the ground that you cant pick like orbs and item, you can see that people becomes objects to your eyes, and some people wont load an object so they become invisible, but its just you, the rest is fine, a simple re load shoud work,