Your comments

it does looks liek a mickey mouse fan more than a wolf... rez said that he wanted to take out that mask and put something alse that i dont remember now and the wood mast

i love what you just said about change it to look more wolf like instead of a mickey mouse fan

i like the idea or armor but not to buff you up, just to be there like a real knight 

i aprove it only if you replace the fart one. i love the rest

i dont even know how to edit it much less delete it

get 10 total anahilation, get 10 arena fights even more dificult 10 wins, be the king for 15, 20 mins, 30 mins.

be the link 10 mins beging on no team, make 10  stage kills (ex, spikes, doors, void,etc...) kill 20 players with no using any potion, 10 knife/granades/mines kills.. win 2 or 3 soccer matchs, protect the bridge on melee for 20 minutes (really fun to do) conquest the fort for 30 minutes, get  20 members on tribe, get 40, get 60 get 100+, kill the current king 10 times, make 3 weapons killl (f button). kill 20 players without the use of any special. the numbers can change also more stuff xD

i notice it too xD i was really sad when i could not distinguish the crown from the hair

this gets really annoying when you are fighting a bunch of poeple and trow a granade then you get stun and somebody gets free hits, same with mines..