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oooh.. well this is .. weird... i think it was.. me...

actually the bots on the server are there when a player gets out of the game before dying or at the start of the server, they are not really hard to beat unless someone alse is attaking with them, they can die really easy if you only drag them to the spikes or the sand pit. you cant just make a character disapear when a player gets out of the server, but also it should be a limit so it the people that abuse this cant do it anymore. either way monsters FTW

3.1 that´s really nice , but if you do that make so we can see some wind cause if not then i will be just taking everything out of the ruins.

4- i think its a good idea make the bow have like a doble charge , the first chage makes it go faster and the second one, a controlable shot. about the staff. its ok make it controlable too.. it would be chaotic but meh

5-GOD YES!!  but if you put those weapons please i will pay for a costume about hose things! like the knights helment and the DEATH costume with the scythe !!!

6 -  there is no six

i will say everything i have to say for each number:

1- a real solution to a this game, its having a team wining  after some time 

because if you play, you feel like nothing has changed after obtaining a flag it juts 1 flag  + on you

so there is no real team work there but if it is to win like a half an hour match then the people will play it i dont say more because there is almost nobody playing, the fort idea can be implemented really well but you need to have that annoying spear so it will be more fun also remember after you use the special to jump the wall you have to wait until ir recharged

and changin the flag for pigs its a good idea if it does not make you rely on your team mates so the other team cant kill you

having 2 or 3 maps like the original , 1 with forts and another dark themed one can also inprove everything along with the scoring sistem

2- yeah but just no items . another kind of traps can be also really cool like the spikes or even a yeti to make the fight more interesting.

3 - i hate the idea of starving to death on a game (also irl) the rest of the stuff its great but. the perfect wild surivival more should be: a Fire camp and 1 edible animals will be the only surce of life b - monsters like yetis and the hammers dudes along with gobling have to be all over the map with some new monster c : you can store some animals that monsters can stole d -  you can kill the monster that stole it along with some coins E- limited vicion like at night  and not on a desert unless there is more than 1 map F - having until 4 poeple on your team and it has to be kind of a huge map for more poeple if that´s what you are going for. G - you can actually make walls and the the house to store items such as food and wood, granades,knifes,etc. i will adress the rest later

if you are gonna make a survival mode make it like pokemon on a cave, limited vision until you get the fire up. more goblins attacking from 5 to 10 your camp fire.. the wood is for only the fire and you need to go get help and bewere of the normal yetis and new monsters...

well tribe wars sounds nice i would like to see that like 5 or more member vs other member fighting for control over the fort! server exclusive! the first tribe to stay up 30 mins owning the fort wins... the winer gets gold and bones the losers lose bones... time max on the fort fight! 1 hour... i got more ideas

no, i dont find the edit botton

"also you dont have to wear it all the time but it can be cool to have that option"

The idea´s goal here is show who is the Leader and hats are all to show off, especially the skull

i intend it to be hard to get just like the skull but with bones