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A revolver would be better fit, but vikings didn't carry firearms. Colonial times came several hundred years after. Nice drawing dude :)

Ah, yes please. I always have to stay for an extra 5 minutes picking up "guarantee" coins. It would look nice next to the bone counter on top of your head.

I've had some far fetched idea. There will be a rare special box that can be found that gives you a special class. It should be like a sniper that can pan the whole map, has low health, and can kill the worm will a melee attack. Upon killing it, the worm will drop a "worm bone" worth 25-50 bones. It will respawn in 5 minutes. The special class can reappear in 30 minutes? IDK.

I felt like the goblins were wasted. How ever annoying they were, I want them back. Monsters go with this game well.

Well, females were never allowed to be barbarians or vikings in the first place. But for the sake of equality, +1.

10/10 - IGN

Perhaps that could be charge attack? Pulling in the enemy doing no damage?

Power to spam attacks! We're looking at a an old bezerker here.

Yes, you have a quality translator. Me translating English to Spanish never works out. Anyways, the territory system is an intuitive way of displaying tribes, but its getting hard to read their names. A list displaying the territorial percentage and the tribes would be nice.

That would also reduce bone/coin farmers.