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A staff should be equal to other weapons in the arena.  It has weaknesses and strengths.  Its up to you to find a way to beat it, and not to petition to remove it.

After you add a description.

It is necessary, but its already confirmed:

Lol, it's funny how we thought it was a bug.  Are you going to reinvite?

Oops I didn't mean to bump.

Lol we'll be deciding later, if this is implemented.

I'd say 100 edits+, or at least the third tier wiki badge.

I think he meant that football will be detached from the current game, and have its own website and separate game.

POSTSCRIPT:  I came up with some other ideas after I posted (should have put some more time into it.)

RULES:  Each playtester will have a randomly selected loadout, so they can test bugs that are exclusive to one weapon or item.  The beta will support one server (preferably a US or EU one, where the population center is.)


  • A board of wiki contributors.  They will have access to all of the new updates, so they can finish writing before the update is released, so the public will have an in-depth understanding of it when it does come out.
  • Patrons will have a reserved spot.  This is an extra benefit and an incentive for any new patrons.  They can bypass the selected loadout so they can enjoy the new content.
  • Community figures (leaders of big tribes, Discord servers, etc.) will have access so they can get the word out to the rest of the community.

The rest of the spots will go to talented bug finders or random players :)