In-Game Coin Display - Would It Be A Useful Addition?

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Topic of Interest: Since the addition of currency to this game, it has been referenced in the menu of the game. As we all know, those coins are used to buy physical advances to our characters through new weapons and accessories. But having to exit a game to see how much coins you have collected has become (in my opinion) a nuisance. Having to guess how many coins you have or how much more you need to purchase something in the shop can be repetitive and can be easily fixed. In this post, I will propose a possible idea on the addition of a in-game coin display system.

Possible Solution: By adding a simple rectangular brown box (with a rotating gold coin to the left of the rectangle with the number of coins you currently have to the right [the same number displayed in the current menu]) in the bottom right corner of the HUD. This will eliminate the need to exit out of a game (loosing all of your bones) just to see how much coins you have collected. Hopefully, I will be adding a prototype graphic on what the coin HUD would look like.

Image 1030

All forms of constructive feedback are greatly appreciated and help posters like myself work on the quality of our works in the future.

Aww a shoutout.

nice idea would really help considering i never die in-game i cant really check it often >:},

maybe it should be in top because not to may people look at top of screen the bottom might get in the way considering you already have a item holder and stamina and your special reload thingy. the top only has bone count so you could make it longer instead of having it bulky and.

-Lava The Nooby Bad Hyperion

it's a bit shit to be honest


I think this is good idea. Can you explain why you say this is shit?

I agree with EGG. I think a "hide chat option" would be a great addition to the game.

Why do you say that? Try and use constructive criticism if you're against the topics view. Explain how you can contribute in your own way by expressing your point of view.

Well for people who die a lot in-game it is not useful but sometimes i like to get on and collect gold and i hate having to die to check it so its helpful to a lot of people

If that is the case for some people, why does the progression of the idea have to halt just because they are lacking in experience? The world doesn't revolve around their individual requests.

I appreciate your approval and feedback, it helps me out!

Ah, yes please. I always have to stay for an extra 5 minutes picking up "guarantee" coins. It would look nice next to the bone counter on top of your head.


I would (in my opinion) stick to the rectangular HUD in the bottom right corner. The name area itself has been crammed with details about the player.

  • Country flag
  • Name
  • Bone count
  • Tribe
  • Patron (uncommon)

Also, what about 3-6 coin digits? Wouldn't it be difficult to cram 3-6 digit numbers near a persons name?

Under review

Ye, it's definitely somewhere in the corner or top of the screen.


This would be very convenient, tbh. I hope it gets implemented.

I appreciate your consideration on this post, by the way. What is the status on the worm killing implant?

Hey it's planned!

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