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No, it's a number that tells you how laggy you are, to say it in a more simplistic way.

Can you make it more seamless?  Like this:  (just for aesthetics, the new menu isn't as pretty)Image result for overwatch emote menu

There needs to be a coin reward for completing... is there already?  I have no idea.

Or when you're behind them, as in a backstabbing way?

Could this be a lobby thing where you have a private room that you can parkour and practice soccer in?

Wow...a Rezoner post that is 11 votes in the hole...

As in the tiers of the mountains?  I was think of jumping on top of shop roofs.  Again, I don't expect this to be implemented, but I was just putting an idea out there.  I just though a change of scenery would be good.

Meh...I prefer the current view...