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Not free:  all that food will cost him a pretty penny...

0-60 real quick XD.  You just went Ferrari there, man.  Seriously, sometimes things look good in our heads but are pretty hard to do.  Rezoner might be able to stick some desert squares together but he can't make dungeons, castles, water, boats, and NPC interaction at the snap of a finger.  There is absolutely zilch wrong with your idea, but Rezoner simply can't divert from his combat game.

Pheeeeeeeeew... I understand why you put "Under Review" under "are you alive."  An extremely casual way to drop all of that information...Congratulations of both of those milestones, the Wilds community takes back all of our complaints about you not being online.  This is the thing I love about community:  we get to watch those around us develop and grow.  Over a year or two, I've watched a lot of people mature, some people succeed, some people fail, laugh, cry, chat, play, and argue.  I've seen a game grow from its little desert map seed.  Now I've seen its developer start a family.  Thank you and congratulations.

P.S.:  Hope the kid turns out like me.  Heh.

Odd post title from someone that lives in Canada.  Spear can have a special throwing condition.

I'd vote for changing weapons mid-game without having to leave the match.  Please?

I wonder how you find so many of these.

Are you somewhere in America right now?  Are you using a VPN?

The cape cuts the skull in half is what they're saying.