Weapon musket & colonial hat

simon m 4 years ago updated by Kendrell Conerly 4 years ago 9

Cost:3000 coins

melee damage:2 xp

ranger damage:3 xp

charging ammo:25% slower than at bow

Special: combo axe & bow

musket & colonial hat:


Wilds.io is not supposed to have guns. It's supposed to have that medieval feel, you know?

Good point. A firearm would need some sort of medieval spin, just like the coconut grenades.


Wilds supposed to have crusaders helmet, mace, double axe

Age of Empires II is medieval and has lots of gunpowder units as well


A revolver would be better fit, but vikings didn't carry firearms. Colonial times came several hundred years after. Nice drawing dude :)

Overpowered, Lets now focus on improving the last update, rather than pushing for more and more of new stuff. Lets him have a little break, what you think?


maybe Boomstick (from warcraft) instad

תוצאת תמונה עבור ‪boomstick warcraft‬‏

that is preaty wild


I much more prefer barbarian-fantasy style with creatures, wands and typical weapons than late medieval style with guns, cannons etc.