Change the AS server by Brazilian server

Caio Costa 7 years ago updated by Édan 7 years ago 8

In the game have more Brazilian players than AS players?


In the game are there more brazilians players than AS players?

sorry my english


I agree, usually the AS server is empty and there's a lot of Brazilians in the NA server... and ofc, me and other Brazilians can feel the Ping(MS) affecting our game play, everything having a delay to happen.
But, instead of just removing the AS server, a SA (South America) could be added, Slay.one is a example of game that have 4 servers (NA, EU, ASIA, South America) enabled which is very helpful for South America players to play with a nicer ping. Also, there's other players that aren't Brazilians but are from South America.

I agree with your comment. Would be much more efficient since there are almost no players in the AS server.

Yeah... A South America server would be great. We see tons of players from South America as well as Brazilians

That would also reduce bone/coin farmers.


I have added server named BRAZIL which is located in Sao Paulo

Holy fucking god, thank you Rezoner.