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Oh I see what you mean

Me likey. Can't you just jump over the edge of the pit? There is no need for an entrance when you can just jump down from anywhere.

I voted for who I thought was best! I mean, he is in my guild, but that's not why i picked...

I've heard of existing players leaving, because of the "n00b server." If you aren't as successful as the longtime players, you will be put in a different server, which causes extreme boredom. Just a thought.

I think the problem is from Patreon, and not Wilds.

I can't contain my giddiness! A couple questions: will this be an entirely new game mode? Will this combine with the Ruins, or for some nostalgic geezers, will this be used a desert map?

Rather like the sword, also pushing people back in a large radius could make striking the user a lot more difficult. I feel it should have low damage. (My longtime wish is a sniper weapon, maybe a longbow or musket that could pan the screen, but be vulnerable to melee sneaking up on it). +1

As Egz said, this is rather a whole new feature, diverting from the main game. Bonus idea: I think a poison potion could come out of crates and poison you if you don't look and see what is coming out of the bow, which could stop people from just demolishing large amounts of boxes. +1

This would give a direct advantage to people who have coins. You may argue that weapons do this too, but they are balanced and have different properties. I like the idea, but I think armor should be picked up. Clothing would be a nice alternative. +1