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That is not at all true.

I hope when mounts come, you can combine the parkour ruins, mountains, and desert all in one map.

Some more bugs that I think most people already know:  Campfire healing when there isn't wood in it and health potions that are picked up won't heal you when you are hurt and your inventory is full.  Nice job making items un-pick-up-able when your inventory is full (no more wasting), but health potions that would normally heal you can't be auto-used.  (This needs to be added to stamina potions, too).  EDIT:

OH WAIT!  That's what you meant when you said campfire healing when off.  Sorry.

It does seem strange that there is a mini game inside of the main ruins game.  He fort needs its own mode..

This is approaching

I like that the least used weapons have objective uses now.  Their usage rates will go up.

-_- So THAT is where (B)ue went...

He has decided to find a home with another tribe, but it would be nice if this were fixed.

+1 but at least have a description, man.