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Also try to fix the rule that you can't enter your base ten seconds after you are hurt. It works, but if you are hit from outside the base when you're inside, you can't leave the base. This in unintended.

I think by typing /kill or another command, you could respawn your character or perform other convienient things.

Rezoner, I think you could add a map selection option. You could include the old Ruins map, the old Desert map, the first CTF map, etc.

What he means is that if you get knocked into certain things in the map, you can get killed from the impact damage even if you have full health.

Christmas coin gift please!

Rezoner can we have a Christmas present? Maybe 500 coins to make up for the ones I just spent?

Just zoom out the camera to the pre-ctf version.

I think the map size is fine. Please just zoom the camera out a bit, it's really hard to fight.

What would the bat do? And nice graphics, too.

I'd like to see a flying animal that you can control. You can use it as a scout and you could detonate it over peoples' heads like a suicide bomb. However, when controlling it, you won't have an idea about what is happening around your character, making you vulnerable.