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So what if the Vigilantes prosper? They are good people, and it brings the Wilds community together, where everyone can co-exist and crap. Just because the Vigilantes exist doesn't mean that more guilds can be made, where friends can play together. People will be so much happier, I don't understand why you would think this.

All of this seems like a Chinese Prophecy that comes at the beginning of Kung-Fu-Panda. There is no harm in implementing a guild system. It's simply a little letter that comes at the front of your name to differentiate, verify, and to make you you feel cool.

I think all these huge ideas should be limited. Stop requesting huge new maps or game modes. I don't think these will be done immediately. Rezoner has more things to worry about than adding a new completely different game mode.

I remember this was on that small survey Rez gave us when the new version of Wilds came out. I voted for monsters over CTF. This would be cool!

I don't think barbarians know karate, but cool, another thing to spice up our combat mix.

I re-meme-ber. Biggest problem is item despawn.

Very nice. Will guild cost money?

But, if you are knocked into a pit, you should be dead fair and square.

Also lower the amount of time the recovery takes for an attack. If you are knocked into a pit, you can be able to roll back to land, and people that are almost dead can use a last revenge shockwave to knock you into the pit.