way to kill sandworm

Çağdaş Demiralp 3 years ago updated by J4sh1n 3 years ago 5

shoot him with arrows or with knifes to kill him


This would be a good use for the Hammer because it swings at the ground for special so maybe it would just stun to worm for about 30 seconds granades could do the same i don't think mines should because it would be to easy to do where the others you have to aim

I've had some far fetched idea. There will be a rare special box that can be found that gives you a special class. It should be like a sniper that can pan the whole map, has low health, and can kill the worm will a melee attack. Upon killing it, the worm will drop a "worm bone" worth 25-50 bones. It will respawn in 5 minutes. The special class can reappear in 30 minutes? IDK.

Dude that sounds sick