Your comments

Sexist?  Does a viewer have to be a specific gender to watch My Little Pony?  Anyway, video ad > image ad in terms of capital.  Give him a little break, we know he's not proud of it.  If he put it up, he has a valid reason.

People seemed to miss the point.  This was supposed to be a discussion, I didn't intend to implement all of this.  If you left a dislike, please say what you disagree with and what you agree with.

I see your point.  I'll endorse my second route with the threshold situation.  I'd retract the part about taking time for health to regain, and it should be an even bigger incentive to keep your health topped up.

Over a two person FGM-148 Javelin?  Not cool...

Heard about the news.  I guess I know who the downvoters are.

In that case, that requires someone's consent.

Depending on the processor of course.

Before you start complaining, you guys need to understand what 10% of your CPU does:  not that much.  Of course he should have told us, but its not that bad.