You Are The Queen

Lava Hyperion 2 years ago • updated by Solomon Strong 2 years ago 16

I have noticed in-game when you play as Male or Female And you reach 1st on the leader board it says YOU ARE THE KING.

I think when you play as Female It should say YOU ARE THE QUEEN.

-Lava The Super Awesome Pro MLG Hyperion. 2k17 kek

Yeah this would be nice for female players I'm surprised I am the first to make a post about it

Well it makes sense and there really is no reason for this to not be in the game

Is it just me that feel bad attacking female players?

No I am the same way but some are male being female


I attack anyone who has bones or who attacks me. Doesn't matter what their charcter looks like.


I mean sure but its sort of like trying to name "History" "Herstory" (a legitimate movement). It may be nice for some people but King already has a connotative meaning of being first when being queen is second. Its just history. So I would say id rather have rezoner working on the spear instead.

Are you forgetting about England ?

And this can come after the spear and claw


it depends on the royal line, some kindoms pass the crown through the women

I have no problem with girls being King.


But don't you think girls would like to have Queen I understand none of us care if girls are Kings It would just be a nice feature that's all I am saying

Can't girls be Kings? But I'm not a girls so Idk.


I have never heard of that irl but this is a game so idk


Heh so much talking about very small thing. In my opinion King sounds more powerfull but with queen also is good.

Well i r8 8/8 m8, Interesting idea :)


Well, females were never allowed to be barbarians or vikings in the first place. But for the sake of equality, +1.

10/10 - IGN

thanks for the support