Should Bears Be Brought Back To Ruins?

Sgt Pain 7 years ago updated 7 years ago 7

My idea is that bears should be brought back to ruins and have a random spawn rate like they always used to have. The bears have been proven to be useful as they drop items and they have dropped mystery items before. The bear is also useful for combat strategy as you can kick or shockwave an unsuspecting foe attacking the bear causing death or moderate damage.

The one problem there may be is that the bears may target someone higher up than them causing them to walk into the wall. But if the bears were able to attack above them (because they are so large) this problem will not occur.


I want bears back immensely, but not as many - there would have to be a certian amount let on a map. I got annoyed when you'd look over on the West side of the map (the old one) and see 10 bears swarmed in a corner.


Better ai is needed


I agree. Sometimes bears can help (or not) xD. Anyway it's so much fun with them. Maybe add few spawns on the map with 1-2 bears can be good idea.

Maybe bears around mountains (upper level from perspective) to block those players, who know where is hole in mountain.


I felt like the goblins were wasted. How ever annoying they were, I want them back. Monsters go with this game well.

Exactly what I was about to say.

Yes, it would be fun to have the goblins back as much as the bears