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Hello Rezoner, Rekt442, Lava Hyperion and I have drafted a list of youtubers that we intend to contact on our own. Most of them have made videos about us in the past, and I think that if we ask them, they will gladly re-review the game. They will most likely be surprised by how much the game has changed. We can try to ask a couple big youtubers, which might be harder to do, or small youtubers. Which do you want? Thank you, Bigness.

Remember in the old Wilds, when there was gameplay footage in the background? I've seen that in other games, and I think we should bring that back.

Just saying, you can literally unlock the hammer, a top-notch weapon, after two days. Unlocks should even be harder, but ignore me rez :)

OMG I JUST HAD A DREAM ABOUT THIS LAST NIGHT. IDK why I was dreaming about Wilds but yeah. This is an excellent opportunity to make bigger maps. For instance, there could be mountains on one side, a civilized ruins area, and of course, our old friend the desert. Horses could help us get around faster. This is what I'm looking for.

How much will unlocking new weapons cost? Hopefully not too much, I was close to buying the skull.

Never got to see the damage it does against other players.

The important thing is to not make this too similar to guilds, but it would be cool to have a friends-only team.

Spag count me into the spaghetti squad