Your comments

Under two conditions:

1.  Translucent, not completely invisible.

2.  Lasts 15 seconds.

For...taunting?  "Teabagging?"  Not sure what the purpose of this would be...

I take pride in being the fastest coin collector.  It's really all I have time for anymore.  I can fill my daily 250 in 10 minutes, I assume it takes about 30 minutes for average people who get distracted with fighting and who move slowly.

It's time to close these posts.  Stop commenting on them, we've reached an agreement of what should happen.

I guess its true that there are too many bad people in this world to call out or mention.  Thinking about it now, UNDEFEATED is not worth anyone's attention, as annoying as he may be.

Woah woah...I didn't say that.  When I said UNDEFEATED = Galactus, I meant they had the same attitude and disrespect.  I'd also like to add on that UNDEFEATED does more than calling others noobs.

Hmmm...There are plenty people who do this (naming UNDEFEATED), and a ban sounds too harsh, but I agree there has to be punishments for not being a community member and discouraging the player base.

Hmmmm... where did you find those?

I'm afraid there's no such thing as "classes" anymore.  That was canceled some time ago.  You'll have to find a weapon that can grant these powers.