Your comments

I honestly dont think the axe needs any buff. I think it is a fairly well rounded weapon.
-It has a moderate hit damage of 2 (more than sword or claws)
- it is moderately quick (between speed of hammer and sword)

- the only way to avoid the special is to dodge or jump

- Only weapon that can cut down trees

And you also have to realize it's a automatic weapon. When you first enter the game, this is the weapon you start with on your journey. It can't just be a super good weapon. Those you have to earn by playing the game.

As always, the spear needs a rework, though. I did not just waste 2400 gold for a useless stick.

This works with hammer, too (and i honestly think it is more useful than with sword).

Funny thing is, i sometimes get beat by bots in-game, and i get SUPER SALTY. I say things like "f*ck you" or "noob"

when a bot kills me. I guess it's because they don't have feelings... or do they?  (⊙_⊙')

I honestly think that there is no problem with runners. This game is about earning as many bones as possible, so protecting what you have earned is justified. That's the whole reason we have things like stamina potions and haste potions.

Those who complain about runners just want your bones without having to work for them.

There is no problem with chasers, i honestly think they are great. If you can put up with having to chase someone, especially if you are mostly successful, and without complaining, you really do have a lot of tolerance and skill.

Those who complain about chasers are just mad they can't defend for their bones well.

There is no problem between chasers and runners, because it's not cheating, it's a strategy. 

I honestly think hammer and sword are the best...

don't hate me for this, but i think the claws are a bit... MEH

This is not at all an idea. Its a bug that i keep encountering. I don't know what in the world makes you think its an idea.

I'm not sure about the other's, but a weapon that heals your teammates is a GREAT idea.

Kill an ogre
kill 3 yetis
capture the fort
kill the king

break open 3 treasure chests without dying
run out your entire stamina gauge

I like the idea. It seems fun and could make more people want to recruit others. I just feel like the recruiting has just taken a big pause. I also agree 10% gold is a little bit low. I also like badges they make me feel cool (。◕‿◕。).

But badges are a big deal and we can't just go making badges for everything. Recruiters would make sense, but just not for every little thing.

I didn't say it was always the worst way. I'm just saying that USUALLY it doesn't get good votes.

Also, yeah, Galactus is a jerk.