Fonky's Meta Snapshot - 08/08/2017

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TL;DR - Umm not much to say here, you kinda have to read it ;'(

As promised, here's a Meta Snapshot, I'll (hopefully) post a new one every new weapon rebalance.

WHAT THIS IS: This is a description of all current weapons, which ones are strong, and which ones are weak. This is on Userecho as it is like a current report, so soon it will be buried, not a permanent guide to post on the wiki.

WHAT THIS ISN'T: This isn't an idea, a guide, or bug report. If this is misplaced, please redirect me to a better section.(Please not the wiki, things get buried and are hard to read, also this is CURRENT, wiki is for timeless guides, info)


The current ranked meta is very melee based, with a slight resurgence in bow usage due to an charge speed buff. It is also a special patch, as the booming start of 2v2 enters the ranked modes.

Weapon Tier List - 1v1

  1. Claws (S Tier) - fast attack speed, a special that reminds players of the OP sword days, fast dash to easily surprised opponents and continually whittle them down. The claw throw is also very small, making it hard to track. The claw claims the strongest weapon spot.
  2. Sword (S Tier)- The sword still remains on the top of the tier list, holding a strong position with a long duration of invincibility during it's special. Can counter the claw special when used correctly, and the basic attack damage is better than the claws. Most if the weapons success comes from player experience, and not from the weapon being extremely strong. Very consistent and powerful overall, but not broken.
  3. Bow (A Tier) - The bow attack speed buff really pushes the bow up a level, it has huge burst potential(1/2 health with a normal attack and special. The charge speed decrease allows bow users to charge less, and run more to keep at a distance. Could definitely see more play, if the meta wasn't dominated by Claws and Swords, all strong counters to ranged weapons.
  4. Hammer (B Tier) - Honestly, the hammer has a hard to hit special, and is probably just a worse version of the claws. It's basic attacks deal good damage, but speed and invincibility are very easily able to burst down and counter the hammer's special.
  5. Wand (B Tier) - Not gonna lie, may be some bias here(wand user) The wand could be lower tier, but definitely remains above the axe and spear. The wand damage seriously fall off at higher tiers, and melee weapons easily counter the wand's charge time by sticking close to them, rendering the wand into a slow attack speed claws with no special. Can still be abused at low leveled play.
  6. Axe (C Tier) - The axe, a basic weapon, not very strong overall, a weak special, no invincibility, just a bad version of the other melee weapons. Players can quickly switch to a better weapon though, with quests and saving gold.
  7. Spear(Shit Tier) - The spear needs love. It's range isn't strong enough to make it a contender, and the amount of hand speed required to effectively attack at all with this weapon is just unreasonable. Good players will not want to invest time and rank to learn the spear. It's special deals no damage, literally just an escape. In ranked play, even the axe special is better, chip damage is better than no damage.

2v2 Notable combinations

  1. Sword + Bow(S Tier) - Easily one of the strongest combos. The sword is able to defend the bow with it's special, while not knocking enemies down, allowing a good bow player to snipe them while they are flying away. The sword offers excellent defence and offence. If your playing with friends, this is the combo to go.
  2. Sword + Wand(A Tier) - Once again, for the same reasons as above, the sword can effectively defend the wand, but the wand offers much less burst and offensive capability than the bow, making it less effective.
  3. Sword + Sword (A Tier) - A typical burst composition, the two swords can dash special and take out the enemy ranged user, then 2v1 the remaining enemy. highly effective against unprepared teams.

*Note that the sword can be replaced with claws, but is less effective at defence. You will need to continually tag and take down the weaker enemy as fast as possible and 2v1 the remaining enemy.

Well, this snapshot is just my 2 cents on the meta right now. if you liked this and want to see more every rebalance, please like. 

Otherwise, please discuss why this is wrong, and help us all learn - more discussion = more thoughts = better understanding of the current meta.



I still think sword is better than claws, but +1 for the time and effort put in the post


A sword user of the same skill level as a claws user will always win. Does better melee hits than claws and can deal the same number of hits in between stuns. If the sword user saves the special for the claws special, the sword spin outlasts the claws and does damage after the animation.

That's what I said as well, the sword will counter the claws, but the claws will probably beat most other weapons, especially counter ranged weapons with a much better gap closer than the sword. Also, considering it's special is just better than the hammers, which from the comments seems to be the third highest placing, it will only lose to the sword. That's why I placed it first.

Wand is for sure under axe. The bolts almost never hit a good player (dodge/kick/block spam), the ice ball special also rarely hits, and the melee damage is negligible. The axe can four shot a player, its special is an extra pin rolling move which almost always hits since most people don't jump too often.

Well I am a bit biased :P played with wand for quite some time, learning some new weapons now.

Good players can counter wand quite well, but IMO(there is a lack of these) good wand players can also utilize opportunities such as missed rolls, axe specials etc... to punish, potentially stacking even more damage than a sword hit. It also has the freeze, which when used properly can decimate an opponent(throw weapon after baiting a dash). The bullets aren't very strong but can be used to control player movement as well, it's more about out strategizing an opponent than outplaying them.

Remember IMO


I would also probably place hammer over bow considering how punishing its hits are. Also +1

yeah, dude, no ranged weapon beats hammer.


Not the hammer. The BAN hammer.


I honestly think hammer and sword are the best...

don't hate me for this, but i think the claws are a bit... MEH


axe is really well balanced tho.. I can do really well with it

I like the axe, sometimes I play with it (because sometimes I have to xD) and I can do many things what players can't do with other weapons, like I throw bomb to somewhere, I wait (and wait and wait and wait), and when someone goes to bomb what is just lying on the ground I use shockwave and quickly try to roll/kick/shield bash the enemy. Now I understood that I told you all how to easily get bones, and everyone will start playing with axe :/