sword special+rope glitch

Knight of Rage 7 years ago updated by Shopkeeper Ally 7 years ago 13

If you throw a rope at somebody and it lands, if they use sword special while they are being pulled in, it hits you for full damage and knocks you back. Bs.

i noticed that a while ago +1

also seems like u really hate sword

+1.Even though this glitch is appearing for long time by now.

Hey! Rope can also stop claws' special attack.

spear' special can be stopped too O_o

bump because it's a bug

...why would you dislike a bug report? it's like admitting that you abuse it and you want it to stay that way so yo can keep abusing it...

Why is there working voting system on Question topics in userecho?


E%patriate how many times have you changed your name? 3 maybe?

The E%Patriate, Heir of Grief(probably still angry for El Lobito griefing... Dead Wolf griefing, sorry :D) and Knight of Rage (more angry?)

Not to mention uraniumBishop, Lear, achillesRising

You was achillesRising? My bad..

This works with hammer, too (and i honestly think it is more useful than with sword).

I have experienced this before