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#1 way to get down votes:

Make a topic about banning a person.

That was how i first met my spear <3

I'm not saying that weapons shouldn't be disarmed no matter what, i'm just saying that a simple kick wouldn't make sense for such a task. Maybe for some weapons, but not all.

Not only is it hard to pull them off while holding a weapon, it is even harder to do it with ONE kick.

I voted 1 and 2

SAME. I created a team full of bots and extra accounts just to get that quest done.

At this point, most people aren't down-voting because of the topic. They are down-voting because they want to see how many down-votes this topic can get.

I do like this idea, but i was thinking of empty towers that could be occupied by archers/mages that go there.

I grilled an eggplant once.
Not as good as it sounds.

I do agree that the claw's special is unhealthy to the game, but really, that is one of the only useful moves the claws have

also, i disagree about the axe special comment. I think the axe special is a bit overpowered, seeing as how i