Less Soccer Quests. More of Everything Else.

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I have had to be many quests lately involving soccer constantly. It's weird too because I feel over 50% of my quests are soccer related.  Some soccer quests are hard to accomplish for the amount of gold you get too.


I think there should be more quests to complete in fort and you can add some with the new 2 vs 2 arena. Because, I don't know if it's just me, but soccer quests are really annoying.

I supported yours too ;)

yep, i'm supporting this because i got the same problem

reply below with more quest ideas non football related:

kill the king

prize 150 coins

hold the fort for 10 minutes

200 coins


Daily quests must also serve to let you play all the game mods +1

hehe... I would love these two quests. Either you have no interest in Football or you aren't very good in football. Still I do agree that a option to change your quests is essential. BTW, it's already planned.

Click quest card to delete quest?

I don't play a lot and I hate it.

I play soccer a lot

I dont like it anymore...i like more arena.

Why? I thought this was your favorite mode. Maybe i infected you with pvp, when we was playing in older days? :p

Yes, it's my favourite mod but now i like more arena.

I played it really too much, now it's time to take a break.

But remember: It always remains my favorite mod!! 😀


Kill an ogre
kill 3 yetis
capture the fort
kill the king

break open 3 treasure chests without dying
run out your entire stamina gauge


hahaahaaa. run out your stamina gauge!!!!

reward: 2 coins



Actually, I support the soccer quests. Quests effectively a creative way to spread people to other less played gamemodes, soccer being one of them. 

Removing soccer quests would make the soccer gamemode less played, due to an extreme queue time(8 people!!), causing even people who usually like playing soccer to be unable to do so.


Less soccer quests.