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special attack axe must cancel the special attack of the claw and sword.

Take down the opponent or stop the special attack

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Hello google translate, how are you?

Google translator is getting better

it just cruel man... +1 for me XD

40% of axe players are bots, 50% are normal people, and the other 10% doesn´t even knows what a special is.


Nope. It's 40% are bots, 50% doesn't know what is axe special and 10% are normal people.

All weapons must be balanced, this would make more players use the axe. The axe special needs buff

Well,for me axe already has unique uses of it.For instance,only weapon which can stop/activate mines and collect wood,it's more than enough reasons to keep this weapon as it is.Buffing it more means more people will use it just cuz' of it's dominance against other weapons which is unbalanced at certain point,making other weapons less noticable which is big issue.

Also try using different weapons that suit your playing style instead of forcing someone to make chaange just cuz' you didn't fully understand axe's pros and cons.Just try other weapons and see which one's your call.

I honestly dont think the axe needs any buff. I think it is a fairly well rounded weapon.
-It has a moderate hit damage of 2 (more than sword or claws)
- it is moderately quick (between speed of hammer and sword)

- the only way to avoid the special is to dodge or jump

- Only weapon that can cut down trees

And you also have to realize it's a automatic weapon. When you first enter the game, this is the weapon you start with on your journey. It can't just be a super good weapon. Those you have to earn by playing the game.

As always, the spear needs a rework, though. I did not just waste 2400 gold for a useless stick.


you forgot about one important skill of axe special: activating and deactivating bombs.