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100 vs 100
Just because I would just love to break my ping one day

Last time i was accused of running, i said
"It's a legitimate strategy"

no account guest that uses rope and bomb
that for some reason says "i'm gay" a lot

This happens if the ogre throws you into the sandworm (trust me, this happens more then it may seem)

It also drops twice as many bones, too.

this item is too over powered. we need balance. If you are gonna make something THIS godly, at least give the power to the spear. it deserves it after all it's been through.

I have not played soccer in wilds for a long time. But i don't know if you get points by scoring, or just winning as a team.

Because if i have to actually score then i'm just not playing soccer.

Ever since iv'e seen this problem get reported, i have seen more people using the trick. And now there is a specific guy that does the rope and bomb trick to me.

Title = description XD
I guess that means it's self-explanatory 

I don't think claws should be nerfed, because the special move is really the only useful attack they have.

I like it. Also, the black team doesn't have an odd spawn location.