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I notice something strange that has been happening more and more to me. I play typically on the US server, but sometimes when i join in fort, the server is nearly empty, with mostly bots and maybe 1 or 2 other players.

But when i go into queue for an arena or soccer match, the server is then full of active people (like 20 in one server), and then i can only stay for a limited time before i go into a match. Then i go back into fort and then it's full of bots and 1 person again. 

I don't know whats happening but i know that sometimes I can only go into a full server when i am in queue for a match, not on fort mode.

so, this is a bug?

No it's an idea xD

This is not at all an idea. Its a bug that i keep encountering. I don't know what in the world makes you think its an idea.

Just kidding BILBOO

I don't think you were 0_0



Under review

Dunno, I am being thrown to the same US server no matter what way I enter it. ;s


I was with the same problem but I realized that it was from the matchmaking, 
I removed and I tried to enter again and it worked

brilliant, ive had the same matchmaking for the past 6 months