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I disagree. I like the game just how it is now, and the way we can earn bones to increase our score. Changes happen, and that is what keeps the game more interesting.

that is a good idea since this this whole thing is based on wilds...

I call them "ogres" and i believe that is the correct spelling. But hey, what do i know; my name is BILBOOO.

It can also make people chasing YOU get annoyed...

Okay i just looked and let google images do the talking. So.... i guess?

I am not familiar with Terraria (plz dont hate) and i'm gonna search that up because i have no care in the world anymore.

I hate that i just sat here and read every comment in this topic

I can imagine stepping on that one day.

I would always do this when ctf was around to quicker steal the flag XD

What i did to spawn on other side of map (in ctf) was press gray then immediately press brown before spawning occurs.

This easily got me the flag without having to cross TO there.

I like the sand worm pet the best. I like the sand worm the best. No matter what yeti or ogre comes and eats my bones.