Fonky's Suggestions to Rezoner

fonky(aguy) 3 years ago updated by Ukryty 3 years ago 8

Hey all,

After another brief-ish hiatus, I'm back and ranking again! 

First off, after exploring the new updates, I gotta say, props to Rezoner, spectating looks great(some black lines on the right side of buttons while hovering). The new menu and quests work and flow very well into the game. 

Thumbs up for listening and implementing 2v2!(Idk if it was from my post or not but still, looks great)

As always: TL;DR

Wildsio should focus on developing more weapons for greater combinations, tactics, playstyles and choices. Scroll down to see possible new weapons. 

Many other popular games rely on choice of different characters to buff their diversity and make the game more fun. Weapons should do the same in Wildsio.


Here are my suggestions for future updates:

More weapons: 

While it is good to focus on other aspects of the game such as gamemodes, it is important to not spread the player base too thin. As of right now, the player base seems to be able to support all gamemodes relatively well, but adding a few more gamemodes may cause queue to take too long, or create more empty servers.


More unique weapons(not just reskinning old ones) are things that truly make the game come alive. Other games(League, Dota, Super Smash Bros) all create many interesting combination with a multitude of different characters. Weapons in Wildsio are the same. More weapons create more meaningful interactions as well as allow old players to enjoy re-learning a new skill.


I'm not sure about statistics, but weapons do seem to be a better buy than most skins, as they add real value to your game. More weapons = more gold to farm = more people who pay to get weapons quick.

Suggestions for new weapons:

Flail - When you left click(attack) a circle will appear if you clicked within the flail's range. in 1 second, the flail will hit that circle, dealing 3 damage to everyone inside that circle. Cannot be blocked. The flail has a very slow attack speed but stronger damage.

Special - Lashes out in a line(like the grapple rope item, but no grapple and deals standard damage) Hits everyone in a line.

The flail uses a unique basic attack, instead of hitting in front, it hits and area. This is good as it damages and area, and cannot be blocked. However, the one second delay will allow players to easily dash or dodge the attack, if they are ready. The flail's special also attacks in a line, but is very hard to land, just like the rope item. Very hard to play, but rewarding if played properly.


Dual Daggers - Charged attack, takes very long to charge(10s). Upon release will dash in the direction of the mouse and deal a massive amount of damage to the first target you hit. (Half their health). Upon a miss, you are stunned(hitting a shield).  Can be blocked with only shield.

Special - Teleport a brief distance, can be comboed with the charge attack for a very fast sneak attack.

Normal attacks attack with speed like claws but less damage. 

The daggers are a pure burst weapon (good in 2v2, take down a ranged user). Relying on fast speeds, running away, and a quick teleport and burst to severely wound or finish off an enemy.


Healing orb - The first support "weapon" could be a great addition to 2v2 or any teamfight.

Charged attack - Charge speed like the old bow's, shoots on release, fires a mid sized orb that stuns all enemy's enemy(shield block). Moves very slowly.

Special - Heal, spreads out in a circle around the player(healer), all allies(same team) players recover 1 hp, gains temporary armour for 2 seconds.

Basic attacks are slow and bad, like a wizard's staff.

A healer's orb works as a support tool, helping allies turn the tide of battle, but without any battle strength on it's own. A stun can be very important in letting an ally finish an opponent off or gain an edge in battle. The heal prevents infinite heal combos by only healing for a little damage, but grants a temporary armour, potentially saving an ally that would have died.

That's all! Hope you like this (Lengthy) post. Please upvote and leave comments.

If you read this far, props to you! Hope to see ya'll in game soon!

Probably be posting a meta "snapshot" once I get back into the swing of things and get my rank back up to par.


I'm not sure about the other's, but a weapon that heals your teammates is a GREAT idea.


ok, +1 for u. but the weapons could be better :)


these are nice ideas fonky +1


I like the ideas, but it would be nice to get some damage values on the weapons and a little clarity on some things. For example; is the "Healing orb" a staff?

Well, it's an orb -_-

Imagine the crystal on top of the staff, but without the staff. Basic attacks look like punches basically, weak and slow.


Don't say about yourself in third person.


I think we have a good amount of weapons.

Maybe at most we need 1-2 more, but not much more than that.

At least boomerang