a message to the wilds.io communitty (salt caution)

sushisling3r 7 years ago updated by Ukryty(Still alive 04 03 2021) 7 years ago 53

hopefully the ever reaper reads this

you know why theres an issue with runners 

because it stems from chasers the fags themselves that will gladly chase you 10s of millions of times around the map. not only that but they do it in a group which really pisses me off like they have there own porn sharing group chat on skype and clusterfuck the leaderboard

im taking a break from wilds.io until the chasers stop chasing or choke on their own tic tacs.

if it was one person fine ill 1v1 him and if i lose i lose its fun nonetheless but when theres a whole orgy of grays F-M-L you start running and they call you a coward nu-uh its called a person who values their bone score the only people i know that would take on a group of pros are doris,rezak and egze



hate when people talk about pro's but don't mention me .-.

I know how you feel.


Also...chasers...chasers chase runners. You run they chase. It's like rock paper scissors. Running>skill, skill>chasers, chasers>runners

it bad to say but when runner still on the run chasers is still chase 


First of all, what about you? Who told you to run? It's obviously your fault for keeping your own saltiness. Besides, you were going to get killed one way or another so quit complaining.

It's only game. Why you heff to be so mad?

On-point use of memes here. +1

Keep this garbage off Userecho, you fucking child.

If you want to vent because you're insecure and you are mad that people aren't just letting you get away when you don't have the skill to win fights, go on Discord, ffs.

And the wilds community won't miss you, i'm sure of that. You're welcome to leave and never come back, probably the best thing you can do for wilds.

A little harsh but whatever. I'll bump a old post.

hey hey hey i put salt caution in the title

Still doesn't give you the right to express your salt.

Oh, maybe you have this right, same as eating rules?

You didn´t mention me on the list of pros >:( I´m taking back those 3 billion dollars from you.

I don't think we qualify as pros my dude. We're good, but not that good.

Nah, you can clearly compare to my skillz :P

That is why i gave him 3 billion dollars m8.

what about mine 3 billion dollars, m8?

Mate when some chaser accuses you of running just say that they're running too... Just after you. It's equally annoying

Gotta get in your daily exercise! Flipping burns carbs bro 💪

Even so, players that run will only come back to try to kill players again so you can't say that runners are justified. Quite sure that players that chase runners have a reason to do so, whether for self-defense or revenge.

what's the difference when you finally get the kill and he just respawns right next to you w/ full health and stamina to clean up the kill...

nah when I start I fight I finish the fight.

and I want to make it past 20 bones before I get cluster fucked by chasers


my bad I overreacted. I was just hungry at that time XD

but still it ticks me off when I get chased to death like 3 times in a row.

there was group of people so fighting them Is basically suicide. I wish those people would stop and go away eventually there gonna have to stop running or run over spikes

oh is heir of grieif the reaper guy? 

just curious

No that's Darkvenet

Am i pro plz

sure your pro...


I honestly think that there is no problem with runners. This game is about earning as many bones as possible, so protecting what you have earned is justified. That's the whole reason we have things like stamina potions and haste potions.

Those who complain about runners just want your bones without having to work for them.

There is no problem with chasers, i honestly think they are great. If you can put up with having to chase someone, especially if you are mostly successful, and without complaining, you really do have a lot of tolerance and skill.

Those who complain about chasers are just mad they can't defend for their bones well.

There is no problem between chasers and runners, because it's not cheating, it's a strategy. 

I have a lot of tolerance and skill and I never knew that before?!


Here's a tip I think it'll help you: but you'll have to listen closely ;)

lol ya i know its for me

i think im at my potential i cant get much better then my current state

(why do i sound like an anime character?) XD

i guess ill be forever shit at this game


Ur gonna become a pro... someday.


You think I was pro immediately when I started playing wilds? Nobody was - everyone was noobs at the beginning in this game (like in all other games).


Bruh when I found this game I was hooked immediately, so I practiced and got as good as I could get. Just keep playing, adjust your play style when necessary and eventually you will reach your goal.

...I have many play-styles.


git gud


git gud (2)


git gud x 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000







I play it... It is a very good game.

As long as you keep trying and fighting u never lose.


being a smartass BTW isn't it 3 plussess? 

mission passed: Respect +++


It can be Respect +, Respect ++ and Respect +++.