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I just want that delete account button so I can free my soul

Is Userecho just for advertising now?

No offense, but I don't think this is very necessary.

If we ban/punish every "rude" player (especially if it's just because they're cussing), then there would be almost nobody playing, or at least using the chat system.

If I don't delete my account, I'll just come back and spend more and more hours on the game. Think of it like a cigarette; if you don't quit then and there, you'll just come back and keep on smoking.

I quit discord....

Also, this was the easiest way to let rezoner know.

Just think of the topic like an "add a DELETE ACCOUNT button" idea.

Uhhhh my final words are "NyQuil In Peace"

Spag you have to stop! Don't go bumping every single one of my topics! If you're gonna do that, do it for everyone else!

Spag please stop. You've literally bumped almost half of all of my posted topics.

You just made me spit out my coffee. Also, have you ever tried Ritz crackers with coffee? It's pretty good.

Damn guys...

You're really just gonna dislike the topic because it's in a different language? English isn't the only language in the world, ya know! Not everyone needs to speak English! Some translators may not be the best, but at least make an effort to understand the topic before dismissing it with a dislike!