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This was Eggz idea, and he should decide what the improvements  should be (such as the special), because it was his idea.

If you don't have a health potion, at least have a stamina potion (white) with you. Wait until poison is over and then use the stamina recovery potion. Or, if you really don't have the time, use a speed potion (yellow) and hope for the best.

I noticed that bones don't count to your score unless they are from someone you killed. So what you should be worried about is if someone steals your kill, in which case the bones will only count to that person. If someone steals the bones from someone you killed, don't worry, it will not count to their score, but they won't go to yours, either.

And i thought caps lock was god...

This is said when you first play the game in the practice room. They say "you can JUMP OVER ROLLS". I wish people would have actually listened to that so they could have avoided pin rolls...

I like this idea. Plus the fact that i would like more color in this game. +1 from me