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Did you accidentally say "hi" twice?

Those options go away once someone comments on the topic. So now no editing/deleting can happen.

I could literally make at least 24 to 30 tribes right now. Could you say what kind of amount you think would be fair? I think about 5,000 to 10,000 gold would be okay, but that's just me going easy.

What update? What do you want in it? What should it include? When should it be included? HOW WILL IT BE MADE?

Grenades are the new go to for alt accounts now. Rope and bombs were so last year, so they need to get with the times and store up their WWWI (Wild's World War 1) leftovers

That's what I mean! You have to get used to the game before you demand a nerf!

The bear is just so people can have fun. The soccer ball is a reward for when people kill it.

Now please listen to the 1 idea per week rule. 

Really, dude? I think the claws special is actually the most predictable special in the whole game. You literally have a good amount of time to react to it. Look, no offense, but at least play the game some more and actually get used to it before you go complaining about what should be nerfed and what shouldn't.

 I use a chromebook with a broken screen that's hooked to a monitor. I have the same key layout as you. I have 73774 bones. I have not a single problem killing people (besides lag spikes). I can use any weapon and any item at all just fine.

Now here is your simple solution if you can't work with these controls:

Do you see that gear on the right side of your main menu? Click it. Now.