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So is that a no to both the campfire and the mine ideas? I was leaning more towards the campfire lighting idea.

I understand every thing you're saying, but about the claws: I'm not a big fan of using the claws. I'm not saying they're bad, it's just not for me. I struggled A LOT on coming up with the claw's special new mechanic (Lmao I almost forgot they existed before I looked over the topic) due to my inexperience with them. Spike evasion was about as unique of an idea as I could get with them. Hopefully someone can come up with a better idea.

Now the sword... let me try to think of something else...

1: Block out knife throws? No deflecting the knife, and you can pick it up once you hit it. (unless someone else snatches it from you). Or 2: The knife 'll ricochet off of the special.

If you have an idea for the hammer, then by all means, share it.

Here's what I think: the ice mage special should be quicker, and the regular swing attack should either be quicker or do more damage. Every attack does one hit point damage, so a buff for the left click swing is the least we could do.

I actually like the idea of the staff using up stamina! It forces you to use the most underappreciated tool (*ahem* the stamina potion *ahem*)! I think the ice mage staff is fun. I get good leads, and I get to wreak havoc with haste and clone potions!

P.S. I didn't vote on the topic srry 0_- 

I like the idea, but it's hard to imagine a Golem fitting into a game like wilds. I definitely like the idea of a cave; it'd be pretty spookalicios if I do say so myself.

Here's what I consider a "stupid" bump: bumping a topic that is either a month old or older, or bumping a topic that is unimportant/useless. Note that it's not a bump if the comment is contributing (like an agreement, add on, or plain old response), and doesn't come from the creator of the topic unless they are contributing, too.

Sorry, but I don't know how the map even works anymore. I see tribe colors change and get rearranged, tribes disappearing, and lots of tribes not even growing at all.

 This red thing you're talking about might be purposeful in a way. Maybe it's because your tribe has been getting good scores which causes your tribe to conquer random territories on the map, but that's only my theory. It could be that or just an error.

Why are you complaining about the filter? Would you rather them mute the word "fuck" or mute every curse word? If they muted every curse then nobody would talk, because lots and lots of  online players are very vulgar. I don't think we should un-mute the word because first of all: as you said, we can already replace it with other words. Hell, we can even make variations like "fuq" and so on and so forth. Second of all: we're preventing people (especially of the younger range) from dropping the F-bomb like it's something out of Eddie Murphy Raw both online and in real life. I'm not gonna dislike your topic (I won't dislike an idea just because I disagree with it), but this this is the way I see it. 

I don't think I know you, but from now on please post only helpful topics. I don't mean to be that guy, but we already have enough topics saying "this place is dead" or "I thought this place was dead".

Eh... yeah I like the idea. More action, more friends to play with, more help to get points. I do, however, think that if this is gonna get added then bro wars should be removed, just for the sake of not having 3 arena "clones" taking up the menu.